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Visions from On High 上頭來的異象

Pastor Ken and Annie Schisler have been serving the Lord for more than forty years in several nations. They are now living in the country of Uruguay, South America in the city of Montevideo. The founded a mission there, where they are serving as pastors in local congregations and outreaches and they also pursue an extensive international ministry.


This book contains the visions received by Pastor Annie from the Lord.  She "endeavor[s] to share what God has shown [her] in regards to particular events that will affect the entire world in every level, including political, social, financial and spiritual realms."

本書囊括了安妮牧師從主領受來的異象,她試著在本書中將 神所啟示給她將會引響全 世界的重大事件跟大家分享。這些事件會影世界的各個層面,包括政經、社會還有屬靈的領域。

English Paperback version: For a dontation of US$15
Chinese Paperback version: For a donation of US$15.

Visions From On High II 從上頭來的異象(二)

This is the continuation of the first Visions From On High.  Pastor Annie explains more in detail the words and visions that God has given her for the Church, His people, to prepare His people for this dark age that is upon us already.

本書持續安妮牧師從主所領受的異象和話語,還有 神所要告訴祂的教會和屬祂的百姓的話。 神要藉著這些異象和話語來預備屬祂的百姓好面對這已經臨到這世界的大黑暗。

English Paperback version: For a donation of US$15.
Chinese Paperback version: For a donation of US$15.

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Visions From On High (Chinese) 從上頭來的異象

Visions From On High II (Chinese) 從上頭來的異象(二)

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